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Arts & Entertainment District

What is an "Arts & Entertainment District"?


  • A geographic area in Downtown Eatonton as shown on the map below. (Click on the map below to enlarge it.)

  • A district that was approved by the Eatonton City Council.

  • A district where "alcoholic beverages" are allowed in approved containers.

For more information, please see City of Eatonton Ordinance Sec. 6-43.-- Arts & Entertainment District.

Arts & Entertainment District Map.jpg

Participating Businesses:

  • El Cazador Mexican Restaurant

  • Georgia Writers Museum (Museum events only)

What you need to know:

  • The Arts & Entertainment District is active during the hours of 4:00pm to 12:00am Mondays through Saturdays. Not active on Sundays.  This means you can walk around the Arts & Entertainment District with an alcoholic beverage in the approved to-go cup.

  • Alcoholic beverages are served by an establishment licensed to sell alcoholic beverages by the drink for consumption.

  • Alcoholic beverages are dispensed into the City Council approved to-go cup.

  • The plastic cup in which an alcoholic beverage is dispensed and removed from the licensed premises shall contain only a single serving of alcohol, cannot exceed 16 fluid ounces in size, and must be marked with the date by the server.

  • Alcoholic beverages cannot be purchased outside of the Arts & Entertainment District.

  • Establishments will have a map posted of the Arts & Entertainment District.

DO's & DONT's of the Arts & Entertainment District


  • Purchase your beverages ONLY from permitted businesses.

  • Please enjoy your beverages ONLY within the boundaries of the Arts & Entertainment District.

  • Be responsible for your behavior.  Follow all rules associated with the Arts & Entertainment District.

  • When enjoying your beverages, please only enter businesses within the Arts & Entertainment District.


  • Bring your own alcohol.

  • Bring or refill your own cups.

  • Take any alcoholic beverages outside of the boundaries of Arts & Entertainment District.

  • Take any alcoholic beverage on to County-owned or City-owned property.  This includes the Putnam County Courthouse and Eatonton City Hall.

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