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Eatonton Main Street

A Nationally Accredited Main Street Program since 1999

Eatonton Main Street is committed to revitalizing and building a stronger community through preservation-based economic development. Our approach centers around “Transformation Strategies,” which articulate a focused, deliberate path to strengthening the downtown commercial district’s economy through comprehensive work in four broad areas: Economic Vitality, Design, Promotion, and Organization.


Representing the diversity of downtown businesses and supporting organizations/individuals who have a vested interest in them, Eatonton Main Street strives to promote sustainable growth, tourism, revitalization and preservation of traditional architecture to enhance downtown. Based on this, our role includes: acting as a hub for relevant news, resources, knowledge and good practices; raising the profile of and supporting the economic well-being of businesses in downtown Eatonton through various programs; and supporting our community by hosting festivals, events and promoting partnerships. To learn more about our organization, visit our About page.

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