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COVID-19 Resources for Businesses

Federal Resources

State Resources

Main Street Webinars

  • COVID-19 and Its Impact on Retail: Now and In The Future: Join Aaron Farmer, President at The Retail Coach, and Jason Greiner, Executive Director of the Wylie, TX EDC for a webinar where they discuss Covid-19 and Its Impact on Retail: Now and In The Future.

  • COVID-19: Small Business Resources: If you are a small business wondering what resources are out there for you and your employees, then look no further. The Office of Downtown Development at the Georgia Department of Community Affairs has put together the current resources available, on a local, state and federal level to support your business during this tough time.

  • COVID-19's Impact on Main Street: As you maybe aware the virus COVID-19 has changed how we look at normal day to day business in the Main Street world. In our most recent webinar, we discussed how this will impact you as a local program along with recommendations and tips for helping keep the community calmed, informed and supported. During these moments of crisis we have already seen some great best practices happening around the state.

  • Design in COVID-19 Response and Recovery: Learn about how Main Street community leaders across the country are building partnerships and implementing creative design solutions as a part of their short- and long-term response and recovery work.

  • Connect with Customers and Manage Your Business Remotely: Join Main Street America in partnership with Grow With Google to discover Google tools that can help you work and manage your business during this time of uncertainty.

  • UrbanMain & COVID-19: Responses from the Frontline: Join this UrbanMain webinar to hear how neighborhood commercial district managers are quickly responding with local policy initiatives, small business e-commerce tools, and grants to meet the needs of their communities.

  • COVID-19 & Main Street: Leading Through Crisis: "Look beyond this urgency to build a sense of momentum and action." View this webinar to join NMSC's Norma Ramirez de Miess discussing how Main Street leaders can guide revitalization through the pandemic.

  • COVID-19 & Main Street: Organizational Health Check-Up: View this this "check-up" with Kathy LaPlante of NMSC and Donna Ann Harris of Heritage Consulting to learn about how your organization should prepare to weather this crisis, think through long-term needs, and focus on your most important work.

  • COVID-19 & Main Street: Supporting Local Safely: View this webinar for updates from the National Federation of Independent Businesses on the impact to the business community and current resources and guidance, followed by a panel discussion of local program directors and the work they are doing to #SupportLocalSafely.

Other Resources

  • More COVID-19 and Business Resources (Thanks, Skyla!)

  • Holiday Shopping During COVID: What Should Main Streets Expect?: While August may seem a little early for most to think about the holiday shopping season, this time typically represents a critical period for retailers. But this year presents a much more unique challenge given the persistent influence of COVID-19 on consumer spending and shopping habits, as well as the importance of trying to recoup lost sales from the roller coaster of shutdowns and reopening guidelines. Fortunately, hidden within the COVID chaos is the silver lining: the true holiday shopping experience sought by millions of consumers cannot be found solely online or in a big warehouse, but along the Main Streets throughout the U.S. Matthew Wagner, Ph.D., Vice President of Revitalization Programs with National Main Street provides insight on how to strategically plan and prepare Main Street retailers and districts for a holiday shopping season like none before.

  • FREE Online Courses from the Small Business Development Center: All the continuing education courses from the Small Business Development Center will be offered at no-cost, thanks to funding from the CARES act. Course topics range from business planning to marketing to accessing capital

  • Small Business COVID Resiliency: 12 Ways to Reimagine Your Business Model: As we approach the five-month mark of the global pandemic within the U.S., Main Street businesses are still adapting to the ever-changing realities of operating a business during a public health crisis. Adjusting to reopening guidelines that change on a regular basis as conditions unfold, coupled with lingering safety concerns among many consumers and an economy hampered by millions of unemployed, has resulted in a highly volatile and cloudy situation for small businesses to navigate as they try to pivot to new consumer norms.  While not always easy, making a pivot is a normal practice and one that can be highly successful for businesses. In fact, the ability to pivot is a valuable business skillset that can provide additional long-term resiliency. Matthew Wagner, Ph.D.,  NMSC Vice President of  Revitalization Programs, discusses 12 ways businesses can reimagine their business models to ensure both short-term and long-term success.

  • How Struggling Businesses Can Renegotiate Rent

  • Reopen Main Street: Reopen Main Street is a Downtown Professionals Network special project.  It's our effort to help small businesses, community leaders and organizations advance COVID-19 recovery efforts and navigate a New Reality.

  • GoFundMe Small Business Relief Fund: The GoFundMe Small Business Relief Initiative is intended to support our local businesses facing financial loss. Make a difference today by donating or starting a fundraiser.

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